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Depression, a deadly disease!

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There comes a time in everyone's life when they feel like there's nothing worth living up for. Depression works like a slow poison, it slowly kills you from inside. It makes you feel like you are not good enough, makes you feel worthless. You start to feel lonely and you keep on losing your confidence. You keep thinking about all the painful memories from the past. You feel like you are drowning and that's slowly crushing your soul. You feel like you are trapped and there's no way out except one. You begin to think about that way, a part of you knows that it's not the right way but the pain is so unendurable that you convince yourself that giving up is the only way to get free. Now the one thing that people often don't understand is that ups and downs are a part of life. It's important to get broken or hurt once in your life because it's the only thing that teaches us that how blessed we truly are. Hard times are what makes us realize that how important the good times are. Bad things happen to everyone but the way you cope with that is what counts. It's true that it's hard or nearly impossible because you feel completely lost and all you could see is darkness but the pain and darkness are temporary. Remember always, after a long dark night comes a bright morning. The thing that we don't understand is that whatever happens in our lives happens for a reason. Whatever we go through teaches us an important lesson. We learn and we grow. The hard times are not forever. There's always something good waiting for you but you need to have faith. You need to believe that there's a better life waiting for you. You need to believe in yourself that you can do it and you can get through it without falling apart. Time heals all the wounds and trust me when you look back you'll realize that how far you've come. The moment you understand that it's you that has all the power, you won't feel this way ever again and all the pain would go away. So, do not give up on yourself and always love yourself because you're the only one that matters.

- Mehak Ali (Sr. Student in human behaviour and psychology)

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