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“Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food”
“Health is wealth “
you must have heard these two well-known quotes.
Achieving a healthy and adequate nutritional status is very important in this era.Adaptation to a diet enriched with nutrients makes you look healthier and prevents you from diseases. Poor dietary adaptations are leading toward malnutrition (impairment of health) e.g Obesity and underweight (MARASMUS )
I have intended to provide you awareness regarding good nutritional foods and healthy dietary patterns that will lead to a good health status.I have a goal that is to improve health, reduce the risk of diseases that are related to your poor dietary adaptations.


What is a healthy lifestyle?

healthy lifestyle 23 2147515644 - Diet and nutritionA healthy lifestyle is an adaptation of such dietary and physical patterns that grooms your health and has a positive effect on body functioning.Attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important.You can attain a good health status by consuming both Macro( carbohydrates, proteins, initiate fats) which are a source of energy and Micro (vitamins and minerals ) which boosts and initiate the functioning in recommended amounts .consuming too much of a single food item can cause toxicity or any other problem.As we know that excess in everything is bad, so consume a moderate amount of nutritional foods.

1-Consume whole grains, not refined grains. If you prefer to eat refined grains then consume them in less amount.

2-Consume as much fruits and vegetables as you can.They are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

3.Use skim milk or low-fat dairy products.

4-Consume unsaturated fat e.g Olive oil

5-Be physically active for at least 45 mins.

6-Do not lay down after meals gIve two hours gap between eating and sleeping or laying.

physically active is what makes you look fresher and boosts your blood circulation.

Healthy Breakfastbf - Diet and nutrition

Healthy breakest is essential for a fresh start to your day. start your day with a glass of water in a fasting state.We all have different food choices. Always choose your breakfast depending on your taste, Time and availability of products.You can use any easy fast prepared meal if you are in hurry and if you have a free long day you can make your breakfast of your choice.You must include whole wheat, cereals.A glass of milk is very energetic it gives you calcium which important for your bones.You can add egg with a toast to your breakfast which is usually high in proteins.You can also add almonds and other nuts too if you like to consume.The healthier you take your breakfast the more fresh and energetic your day will be.

Healthy Breakfast :

1-Toast with Butter

2-Eggs (if you don’t want ton of fats or cholesterol then its best)

3- cup of yoghurt (loaded with calcium and improves digestion)

4-one cup of strawberries (Rich in vitamin C – boosts immunity ) you can include any of your favourite fruit.

5-Tea /coffee(green tea, black tea, as they have catechins which are  antioxidants)

6-Whole wheat Bread and cereals (They contain more nutrients than refined grains)

7-Fruit juices (Rich in vitamins, Boosts metabolism).

8-Almond butter rich in calcium you can also use this with toast.

Healthy Lunch

A healthy meal at Lunch time is very important. There are a variety of foods that you can include in your menu.Give your lunch a tasty look.Appealing to everyone.
you can include
1-white rice bowl with herbs and yoghurt sauce.
2-Herbed cheese and tomato sandwiches are well in the taste.
3-Steamed chicken with baked potatoes.
4-Mix vegetable bowl with olive oil sprinkling
5-Fish-tuna, Graveysalmon any one of your choice
6-Gravy (Beef, Chicken, Mutton)
7-Veggie burgers
8-Red beans and peas boiled.
9-Fruit Bowl.
10-pasta baked with a blend of oregano leaves and olives.
11-steak with your favourite sauce and flavour.
13-Wraps with your favourite filling (herbs, chicken tomatoes, Boiled chicken tuna )
14-Grilled sandwich broil chicken

The magic of power protein in grilled sandwiches is amazing.It gives you an extra protein boosting your health and body functioning. Including egg in your sandwiches will also make a healthy meal.Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that are very important for health.

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